Which color to choose for the facade?

In the world, there has been some kind of epidemic of using intense facade paints. Many times the architectural profession is asked whether this is a question of the competition \”Let everyone see that we have a new facade … let us noticed\” or whether it is solely an individual\’s problem.

In my profession, I often encounter this problem. The parties forget or have to warn them that the volume and color, or the overall design of the facade, determine the outer appearance of the building, which forms the environment in which it is located. Therefore, when choosing the color of the facade, it is necessary to take into account the character of the place, the design of the objects in the surroundings and the landscape. It is important that at the very design of the house we take into account that the newly created object does not become dominant in the space (unless the purpose of use is different).

Unfortunately, we can not overlook the fact that facade color shades live, despite the high-quality use of pigments in a certain part of the spectrum fade. Years of experience have shown that the traditional color shades of terrestrial or pastel shades fade much slower or even less. Therefore, it is necessary to restore the \”live facade\” (vibrant facade paint) much faster than less noticeable color.

The classic trend in Slovenia is still apricot, yellow and orange. Although I notice that the trend is changing rapidly to less intense pastel shades and earth tones, and as a reflection of past years, gray shades are very popular.

Therefore, I advise you to take into account the volume of the building and how and where the dwelling house is located before deciding which color to choose. If you want a neutral or minimalist facade, choose a warm white-gray color. In any case, I advise you to use pastel, traditional and earth colors.

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